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Pathways, Inc. Names Employee of the First Quarter
Tasha Toole was named outstanding employee of the first quarter at Pathways, Inc. Tasha is employed as a health care integrator for our Bridges to Health program and has worked for Pathways, Inc. since February 2011. She was recognized for going above and beyond and for her flexibility and determination in advocating for those we serve.

The following employees celebrate milestone employment anniversaries in the first quarter of 2017. Celebrating 5 years of service are: Vicki Hall, Taylor Henry, Gwinnette Hernandez, Sarah Morseman, Katherine Tucker, Dolly Warren, and Tyler Yuelling. Celebrating 10 years of service is Melody Shuster. Celebrating 15 years of service are: Gina Chilson, Christine Halter, Nancy Phenes, and Andrew Smaldone. Celebrating 20 years of service is Aimee Comfort. Celebrating 25 years of service is Erin Warr. Celebrating 30 years of service is Deirdre Righter.

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