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According to, PreciouStatus is a simple, powerful, mobile app connecting families to educators and care providers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Family members receive private, real-time photos, updates and bulletins… The Pathways, Inc. Erwin Child & Family Center is now using PreciouStatus on iPads to communicate with parents about their children throughout the day. Parents can customize the app to receive as many or few updates as they’d like about their child(ren).

Staff at the Center can send photos of activities involving each child to the parent, information on feedings and diapering, requests for items to be sent in with the child, etc. It includes categories such as diaper change, nap time, arrival, departure, photos, meals/snacks, and supplies needed. The staff like the app because it reduces paper documentation and filing, and it is an efficient method to communicate with parents as it allows for general information to be sent to multiple parents at one time. And best of all, it allows them to spend more time with the children!

For parents, it allows them to be more involved in their child’s daily routine and activities. They appreciate getting updates throughout the day and they love getting pictures of their little ones at work, at play, or at rest. They can then save the photos to share with family and friends. The app offers a great way for parents to feel more involved and connected to their children while they are apart and facilitates conversation when they pick up their children.

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