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Since 2004, the Family Support Services program at Pathways, Inc. has been offering a unique respite program to families who have a family member with a developmental disability living at home. The program, called Rest-pitality, provides caregivers with the opportunity to take a break from the demands and routines of caring for their loved one with a disability. They are given the opportunity to get away to refresh and rejuvenate themselves, allowing them to return home better able to deal with daily challenges. Funds are provided for a relief caretaker of their choice so the parents/caregivers can relax and enjoy some time away without the responsibility of round-the-clock care.

Many local and regional businesses generously discount or donate goods and services for this program allowing us to provide caregivers with a two-night hotel stay, meals, and entertainment. Entertainment and activities may include wine tours, shows, movies, bowling, camping, museum visits, dinner cruises, and more. Some prefer just to have a time away to enjoy quiet solitude together. After enjoying a weekend of Rest-pitality, many caregivers report back that they didnít realize how much they needed a break and how much better they feel to again tackle the daily routines of their lives.

If youíve ever been a parent or caregiver, you realize how wonderful, yet exhausting these times can be. You likely also realize how important it is to take a break and enjoy some time for yourself. For those giving full-time care to a loved one with a disability, these things can be greatly magnified. Pathways, Inc. is privileged to collaborate with so many generous and compassionate local businesses. It is with their support that we are able to offer this valuable program. For more information on the Rest-pitality program, please contact Deb Campbell at (607) 937-4502.

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