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Employment Specialist Relief hours
Supported Employment Corning

Schedule: All Shifts - hours based on employment of consumer.
Status: Relief

Nature Of Work:
• The Employment Specialist is responsible to assist the person receiving employment services by providing allowable services specific to their employment program and habilitation plan/treatment plan/goals, including, but not limited to: vocational assessment, person-centered employment planning, job development, training and systematic instruction prior to employment, job placement, job coaching, training and planning, development and review of a business plan for self-employment, travel training, development of soft skills and job retention strategies, benefits support and asset development, career advancement services, support that enable the individual to be successfully integrated, negotiating potential jobs with prospective employers on behalf of the individual, communication with existing employers, communication with the person and their support team, meetings and communication with staff, and documentation of the delivery of employment services.

Minimum Qualifications:
• High School diploma or GED is required. Verbal and written communication skills are necessary in order to perform the essential functions of the position.
• Prefer at least one year of experience in the field of Developmentally Disabilities in the area of vocational/pre-vocational work with the disabled or training recognized as appropriate by the State Education Department’s Office of Vocational and Employment Services for Individuals with Disabilities.
• A valid driver’s license passing insurability guidelines.
• Must meet the requirements related to Criminal History Record checks that became effective April 1, 2005 which requires prospective employees to be fingerprinted if they have regular and substantial unsupervised or unrestricted physical contact with people receiving services in our programs regulated by OPWDD.

Announcement Date: 2017/01/01

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